// "Lightning in a Bottle" Music Video Premiere Mission (Part 1) //

Mission Overview

Mission: ”Lightning in a Bottle” Music Video Premiere (part 1)

Due Date: April 22nd

Prize: special throwback prize!* 


*must complete both part 1 & 2 to get the prize! 

Important Links

Lightning in a Bottle” Music Video:


AP Readers Chart: http://www.altpress.com/ap_readers_chart/  

Mission Details


-Post the “Lightning in a Bottle” video and create some genuine buzz about it. Mention how excited you are to see The Summer Set on Warped this summer, too! Please tag The Summer Set in your post. (1 screenshot)


-Day One: Tweet the “Lightning in a Bottle” video and create some genuine buzz about it! Let everyone know you’re Warped Tour ready, too. Please tag @The_Summer_Set and @VansWarpedTour in your tweet. (1 screenshot)

-Day Two: Search for ‘Warped Tour’ on Twitter, find 3 people who are buzzing about how epic this year’s Warped will be, and strike up a conversation about The Summer Set! Link them to the “Lightning in a Bottle” video and mention how stoked you are to see them this summer! Be sure to tag @The_Summer_Set and @VansWarpedTour (3 screenshots)

-Day Three: Tweet a celebrity/ internet icon/ news media/ musician/ TV personality etc of your choice. Find a unique way to relate the video to them with a direct tweet or tag them in one. Make sure it’s genuine and so it’s not getting overlooked. The object is to get an RT and have them check out the video! Anyone that get’s an RT get’s a bonus prize! (1 screenshot) 


-Post a screenshot from your favorite part of the “Lightning in a Bottle” video! Feel free to tell us why you like that part, as well as mentioning how the video got you excited to see The Summer Set on Warped this summer! Tag @The_Summer_Set @WapedTour #TheSummerSet #WarpedTour #LightningInABottle etc (1 screenshot)


-Make a creative post about the “Lightning in a Bottle”! Lyric image, meme, gif, review etc - it’s totally up to you! Make your post appealing, so it’s getting re-blogged. The music video should also be linked so anyone clicking on your post can watch it. Please use appropriate tags when posting the video #The Summer Set #Fearless Records #Lightning in a Bottle #Warped Tour etc (1 screenshot)


-The song itself is about having a good time and not caring about the outcome… so in your most creative way, show how you have a good time! PLEASE be appropriate in the content (if you’re concerned about the content you’d like to show, email me and I’ll be more than happy to help out!) and make sure it showcases the “Lightning in a Bottle” video link somehow! You’re also encouraged to incorporate themes of the song like “hearts in the air” or even finding your own “lightning in a bottle” and share it on your most used social network. Tag the band and use appropriate hashtags. (1+ screenshot, along with a quick description of what you did)

Alternative Press:

-Vote for The Summer Set’s album Legendary in the AP Reader’s Chart! Leave an awesome review of the album, but make sure you’re being genuine. Many of our teamers get quoted in the AP Reader’s Chart, so the better your write up is, the more likely it is that your review is quoted in the next issue! If you have already voted in the chart this month, please use an alternative email or have a friend vote in your place. Let’s get the album back in the chart! (2 screenshots - one of the form, and one of the thank you showing the date on the top of the page) 

Total Screenshots: 11+

Please email me if you have questions! Looking forward to hearing from you all :) 

we’re catching lightning in a bottle

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favorite band member meme » jess bowen » nine outfits [9/9]

singin’ aloud, howlin’ right at the moon

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: "Lightning in a Bottle" - The Summer Set

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"If you got rock & roll, you’re gonna be alright" - Jukebox - The Summer Set

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